The quartet has been founded and initiated by Sabi Yordanov in September 2019. He was looking for like-minded people, who wanted to work with the same dedication for this project. Out of this project developed a string quartet with graduates from Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Köln and Musikhochschule Münster, who have all plenty of concert experience (and some even perform as soloists internationally). In December 2020 the quartet will perform for the first time under their new name "Equinox String Quartet" in Duisburg, Düsseldorf and Bonn.

We, Sabi Yordanov, Christine Schäfer, Lydia Haurenherm, Aristeidis Lykos, do have the aspiration to perform music on a high level for you, our audience.

Connected by our joy of the classical string quartet repertoire, every meeting of the Equinox String Quartet results in a firework of numerous new ideas for upcoming projects: from cooperations with dancers to other musical genres like jazz, from musical theatre projects to sacred music. From dinner concert to a Disney concert for families.
Furthermore Sabi Yordanov plans to compose for us a string quartet by himself in 2021.
We are full of creative ideas and open to for new inspirations. Do you have an idea and you need musical realization or background? Please contact us here and we will come up with something for you!

Origin and meaning of the name "Equinox String Quartet":
Equinox means the 2 days in year, where day and night have the same length of time and we liked it as poetic on multiple levels: day and night have to do with lights and darks. This from nature inspired phenomenon was pictured by many artists, in music the most famous use would be "per aspera as astra": from darkness into the light, to be found most famously in Brahms' work.
On a humanistic and social level every life is influenced by lights and darks. The current cast of the Equinox String Quartet found one another during Corona crisis and had to deal with all the challenges, the lights and darks of that time.
Also every career of every artist is crossed by both lights and darks: so at the time it was finally possible to rehearse again after the Corona lockdown, a few weeks later our second violinist broke her left hand wrist.
Life is full of lights and darks and we as the Equinox String Quartet want to share all related emotions with our audience through our music.