In August 2019 Sabi Yordanov, who had wanted to form a string quartet for a long time, met violist Lydia Haurenherm by chance.

Through some detours, violinist Christine Schäfer, with whom Lydia had already been concertizing for several years, joined in March 2020 as 2nd violinist. The common search for a suitable cellist finally led to the Serbian musician Mina Zakic, who completes the quartet today.

The quartet is taught by Benedict Klöckner, Anna Heygster (deputy concertmaster of the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne), Prof. Ida Bieler (RSH Düsseldorf, KU Graz), Michael Denhoff and by Jens Oppermann (Auryn Quartet), among others.

On their debut tour in October 2021, the Equinox String Quartet was finally able to present itself to the public after two pandemic-related tour postponements. The program, titled "Between Light and Shadow" and each featuring 1. String Quartets by Felix Mendelssoh-Bartholdy and Ludwig van Beethoven was received by enthusiastic audiences in the Kleiner Goldener Saal Augsburg, the Großer Rathaussaal Passau, the Mozarteum Salzburg, the crypt of St. Peter's Church Vienna, the Kultur- und Liebfrauenkirche Duisburg, the Friedhofskirche Wuppertal, the Event-Theater Schwanenhöfe Düsseldorf, the Silchersaal of the Liederhalle Stuttgart and the Kammermusiksaal of the Beethovenhaus Bonn.

The quartet's next concerts are scheduled for May 2022 with the title "Contrasts" and music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arvo Pärt and Dimitri Shostakovich.

Equinox means "equinox," the two days in the year when day and night have the same duration. We found this name very poetic on several levels: day and night, light and shadow run through everyone's life, and often exist right next to each other. This phenomenon, inspired by nature, has been depicted by many artists. In music, the most famous use is probably "per aspera ad astra" ("from the shadows to the light"), as found, for example, in Johannes Brahms.